UnoPunx Distribution Finalized

UnoPunx, the first official NFT project released on the venerable and age-tested Unobtanium ($UNO) blockchain with UnoParty, has finalized its distribution plan for the airdrop.

1,001 UnoPunx characters will be generated in tranche #1.  999 of them will airdropped, or distributed, free of charge in lottery that is open to everyone to enter.  We will soon provide a registration page where you will be able to enter your Uno/UnoParty address.

The lottery will be pre-announced and there will be a minimum of one week for people to register.

UnoPunk 0 will go to FallingKnife, the creator of the UnoPunx project, and UnoPunk 1 will go to Bitwize, the leader of the UnoParty project. The other 999 will go to everyone else.  Any unclaimed UnoPunx will placed for sale and proceeds will be used to fund Unobtanium development.

The date of the UnoPunx mainnet Uno launch will be announced here when it is determined

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