Today we are announcing the UnoPunx collection of 1,000 individually unique identity icons.  UnoPunx is the first official collection released exclusively on the Unobtanium Blockchain on the UnoParty platform (in solidarity with the venerable CounterParty project).   Unobtanium is a sha256 fair launch, low inflation cryptocurrency started in 2013. UNO is merge mined (auxpow) with Bitcoin.  Bitcoin miners can mine blocks for both Bitcoin and Unobtanium at the same time, the blockchains remain separate and distinct.  UNO has 3x the capacity of Bitcoin with its 3 minute block times. Unobtanium’s greater capacity, super low transaction costs and faster confirmations make it well suited as the first layer to UnoParty’s second layer NFT solution.

What are UnoPunx?

UnoPunx are the first NFT project announced and launched on UnoParty.  There will only ever be 1,000 UnoPunx. Like Unobtainum’s launch  by Blazr2, we want UnoPunx distribution to be as fair as possible.  Therefore, we are releasing 900 UnoPunx at no cost, in a pre-announced, timed release.  The final 100 UnoPunx will be put into a fund to benefit Unobtanium developers, service providers, miners and promotion. We have no expectations or allusions that UnoPunx will ever be valuable, but it seems prudent for the community to hold a few back.


The first 100 UnoPunx will be released in 10 installments to members of the Unobtanium community who are closest to the project.

Following the distribution of the first 100 UnoPunx, they will then be released monthly on a first come, first served basis.  The goal is to get UnoPunx into as many interested individual hands as possible. We will try our best and modify our practices if necessary to come close to this goal.

What if nobody wants UnoPunx?

A very likely scenario. The unclaimed remainder (except for the 100 set aside) will be destroyed, increasing their scarcity.

Do you Promise??

No. No promises at this time.

This is not a contract, and we retain the right to change our mind on anything here, should the conditions on the ground warrant. Maybe there will be a million UnoPunx. Maybe there will be zero. 

This is not an investment. It is just a bit of fun to introduce crypto hobbyist’s to this technology, and to stimulate the long timers in the UNO community. We will not control or facilitate any secondary trading of UnoPunx. We hope you’ll keep and enjoy your UnoPunx.

So, will you join us?  Learn more about UnoPunx and airdrop announcements on our Telegram channel.